IKUÈ was founded in 2015 and its comes from a dialect transposition of the term “WHOSE IS THAT?” expressing the concept of “belonging” with reference to the relationship between man and the various forms of materials. Attention is focused on the quality and durability of the furniture, then the choice of high-quality materials; combined with the components aesthetic and artistic sensibility of the IKUÈ team, these materials create simple but great beauty elements, inspired by history and ongoing research as to create something surviving the passing of both time and trends. 
IKUÈ approaches both design and Interior Design combining a respectful attention to what already exists with the use of contemporary architectural languages. The design is always thought with an eye to the client’s aesthetic, functional and economic requirements, and covers the whole creative and construction process, allowing more consistent, personalized unique architectures.
IKUÈ works with residential architecture, commercial interiors, industrial design, photography, graphic design and art direction. Just in the tradition and with a uniqueness spirit, IKUÈ aims to achieve the simplest form without forgetting the beauty and simplicity of details.
The awareness of the present time as well as the capacity to imagine a future where their ideas can be made concrete is the IKUÈ’s strong point, a team of designers with a great expertise in the woodworking culture. 


Architetto Interior Designer

​Architect and designer, he graduated in 2008 from “L. Quaroni - La Sapienza University of Rome - Faculty of Architecture”. After the professional qualification, he started a cooperation with some architecture and design firms in Rome, gaining a valid experience both in the civil large-scale design and in the specific interiors one. Since 2010 in the city of Reggio Calabria he has worked as a freelance architect in architectural and interior design. The desire for innovation leads him to a continuous search for new materials and advanced technology solutions. His passion for wood and attention to the environment have become the key elements of his architectural design. Through a multidisciplinary approach, focused on sharing both technical and creative skills, there come to life innovative projects, unique in style and efficiency. Francesco’s work is focused on architecture, interiors, materials and aesthetics.


Artigiano e Designer

Responsible for designing products and furniture, his purpose is to bring good design into the details of each project. He is able to make complex ideas concrete and to get the top value in drawing. He shows a unique combination of artistic insights. He can rely on a great experience gained working with almost all available materials, and his creations are part of a world where products and architecture are closely connected. Led by a constant curiosity for what involves the combination of different materials, Nino’s work is driven by ideas, forms and sustainability.


 Art Director

Partner with a strong focus on aesthetics and functionality, she has worked in a number of creative fields -graphics, cinema and design - with a solid competence in visual communication, evocative and symbolic spaces. Caring about the tactile qualities, she always strives to create attractive settings that, though minimal and discrete in their way, are very suggestive and lively, full of light and atmosphere. Cinzia’s work is guided by concepts, furniture and decoration.

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