Reggio Calabria. January 2015


F & C House is an apartment on the third floor of a residential building located on the northern outskirts of Reggio Calabria. The project consists in a contemporary kind intervention of renovation characterized by clean lines and basic shapes that, in the end,  have revolutionized the interior space of a 110 square meters attic built in the late nineties. The planimetric distribution of the interior consists of a central directrix running along the house in all its depth to find out an open shared dimension where the kitchen, dining and living rooms live together in one big space, allowing both full movement freedom and a multiple perspective experience to the ones living there. The entrance permits a full view of the living area, which opens to a beautiful landscape enjoyable from the two sides of the building, take advantage from the generous contribution of light and natural ventilation. The form and volumes simplicity is enhanced by the presence of light and white color, which becomes the project distinguishing feature. The context refined neutrality emphasizes the use of natural materials – particularly oak wood – becoming at the same time the “side scene” for the more decided colors used for the furniture.



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