Reggio Calabria. May 2017


Interior design for the renovation of an apartment of 85 square meters inside a popular building of the fifties, located in the southern area of ​​the historic center of Reggio Calabria. The request of young clients of a contemporary home, in the style of enegli spaces, has inspired an important revision of the interiors with the aim of qualifying and returning to the home open spaces for convivial and private use for family needs. The existing plant was divided into small rooms connected by a central corridor that divided the apartment, disengaging the rooms according to a very classical approach. The project has changed this unidirectional principle, demolishing part of the corridor and introducing into the entrance area a large living room with open kitchen: the incongruous wall elements have been removed emphasizing unique environments, enhanced by the design of furnishings and details inspired by the passions of the clients. Privileged atmospheres different in brightness and color: the latter thanks with two-color painting have highlighted the contrasts, maintaining elegance and style. Materials such as wood and cement, together with lighting, have given character and simplicity to the intervention.


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